Camp Beaver Creek

Camp Beaver Creek can be described in many ways, but most often we hear it’s an empowering experience for the young people of Hunt with Heart. By the end of the weekend, six young people and their families have started to form an  support system as they join the Hunt with Heart family.

The weekend starts with a safety briefing and target practice at the range. Afterwards, it’s a quick transition to get ready for the evening hunt. As the evening hunt comes to a close, everyone sits down for a family-style dinner before heading out for some hog hunting. Up early the next day, the hunt continues. Throughout the day, our young people are taught fishing and shooting techniques, and learn the basics of archery as well. The evening concludes with some time to reflect on adventures of the weekend, and how it has impacted everyone involved.

Camp La Pesca

Camp La Pesca is an amazing weekend experience for four young people battling severe illness and their families. Like Camp Beaver Creek, Camp La Pesca builds an support system for the four young people as they are welcomed into the Hunt with Heart family.

As families arrive to Camp La Pesca in Port O’Connor, TX they are greeted by their fishing guides and medical staff. After stowing their gear for the weekend, there is a quick orientation, and then it’s off to fishing. The young people spend the weekend fishing the Intracoastal Waterway and bay fishing in the beautiful Matagorda Bay. As the sun sets, the fishing rods don’t get put away. The kids spend their evenings on the back dock fishing the night away. The weekend concludes with a fish fry, a look back on the impact of the weekend, and of course, stories about the ones who got away.