The Journey Scholarship

Hunt with Heart holds and administers funds that provide scholarships to members of Hunt with Heart college, vocational and graduate school students. These scholarships enable the recipients to complete a vocational, undergraduate or graduate education in the field of their choice at the vocational school, college or graduate school of their choice. The scholarships may cover the cost of tuition and related expenses. Students – whether full-time or part-time – must attend an educational institution that provides an educational program acceptable for full credit toward a bachelor’s or higher degree, or offers a vocational training program to prepare students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation and is authorized under federal or state law to provide such a program and is accredited by a national recognized accreditation agency. Hunt with Heart will only pay Scholarship Grants directly to the educational institution and only for qualified educational expenses on behalf of the scholarship recipient.

Selection Criteria:
The following information will be submitted electronically to [email protected] by each applicant on or before April 31 and will be reviewed during selection process.

  • Scholarship Application
  • Resume
  • School Transcripts
  • Essay (no more than 500 words)
  • Letter of Recommendation

Scholarship Committee Members:
Each year a five-person committee will be established to evaluate applications submitted to Hunt with Heart. The evaluation is a blind evaluation. Members of the scholarship evaluation committee will be independent of the Hunt with Heart organization and selected by the scholarship director that holds a voting position on the Hunt with Heart board of directors. Donors may be members of the selection committee. The members of the selection committee must not be related to any potential recipient.

Responsibility of the Board of Directors:
The board is responsible for approving the establishment of scholarship funds. The recommended list of recipients must be approved by the Board of Directors.

Qualified Expenses:
Included expenses covered by scholarship incurred while attending an educational institution are:

  • Tuition and fees for enrollment and attendance.
  • Course-related expenses – fees, books, supplies, and equipment required of all students for courses of instruction.
  • University approved housing and university approved meal plans.

Transfer and Withdrawal Guidelines:
Recipients that transfer from one institution to another or withdraw from an institution must notify Hunt with Heart. The institution from which the student is leaving must refund the unused portion of the scholarship to Hunt with Heart. Upon receipt of a current class schedule at the new institution, Hunt with Heart will reissue a check for the remaining amount to the new institution. Disciplinary or academic dismissal from an institution will result in forfeiture of the balance of the entire scholarship award. Recipients are obligated to notify the Hunt with Heart of their dismissal.

Recordkeeping Requirements:
Hunt with Heart will maintain records with respect to all scholarship information including application documentation, committee evaluation forms and payment information for all applicants.

Scholarship Program Schedule:

January -Board verifies funds available for scholarships.
February -Email distributed to all members with scholarship information.
April -Application electronically submitted to Hunt with Heart. Due date for all scholarships (April 31).
  • Scholarship recommendations are presented to the Board of Directors.
  • Students notified of award status.
  • Scholarship award letters are emailed to students.
August-Sept -Funds are distributed to educational institutions
October -Recipients are recognized at annual gala.