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About us:

Hunt with Heart (HwH) is a 501c (3) non-profit organization started in 2012. Our mission is to empower and enhance the lives of children with severe illnesses through unforgettable outdoor experiences. We provide our members fun activities, family time and tools for the future. HwH is a lifelong membership. We work to expose our youth to outdoor activities to improve their quality of life, gain personal confidence & meet others who are experiencing similar challenges. Our HwH hunting and fishing camps, programs and services focus on their ability rather than their disability.

Beaver Creek Ranch

Hunting trips at Beaver Creekare generously donated to Hunt with Heartto offer our young people a respite from their daily medical regimen. They get a huge dose of the great outdoors while they are schooled in firearm safety and marksmanship. These hunts create bonds between all participants that will never be broken. The combination of laughter, joy, and exhilaration is truly the best medicine.

La Pesca Fish Camp & PoleBenders

For many, these camps offer a first-time fishing experience, and the thrill is obvious for all involved. From the preparation of the tackle, to the boat trips and stories of catches (and of course, the ones that got away), the trips focus on the kids and giving them the experience they’ll be talking about long after the trip is done.

Monthly Events

We coordinate monthly family events that include holiday parties, ice skating, fishing, golfing, picnics, trips to NASA and the rodeo. These outings are intended to bring our families together for one on one time together.

Family Assistance Fund

While Hunt with Heart’s primary mission is to heal and empower youth through incredible outdoor sports & comradery, we have also realized a critical need to provide emotional and financial assistance to our members throughout their medical journey. For example, during extended hospital stays, HWH assists with lodging, parking, and hot meals.

The Journey Scholarship Program

HwH holds and administers funds that provide scholarship for college, vocational and graduate school students. These scholarships enable the recipients to complete a vocational, undergraduate, or graduate education in the field of their choice at the vocational school, college, or graduate school of their choice.

Who is eligible for Hunt with Heart Membership?

Children must meet these criteria

  • Age- 8-18 years old (8-12 fishing camps, 13-18 hunting or fishing camps)
    -Qualifying Medical Condition: life-altering medical illness
    -Define Life Altering Illnesses: progressive, degenerative or malignant conditions that place the child’s life in jeopardy
    -Cardiac Clarification: congestive heart failure, necessary repeat hospitalization or intervention post-repair of a congenital heart defect, pulmonary arterial hypertension, complex congenital heart disease with single ventricle physiology, cardiac transplantation, indwelling defibrillator
Hunt with Heart accepts referrals from:

Parent and Legal Guardians
Medical Professionals

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This form is the first step of the membership process. It is not confirmation of membership. Your information will be forwarded to Hunt with Heart Staff and advisors for review and you will be contacted.