Family Assistance

“What I like most about Hunt with Heart is seeing my son begin to believe in himself and to begin to see the possibilities for his life. The wonderful people that are associated with the program are truly remarkable.”
-Hunt with Heart Family Member

While Hunt with Heart’s primary mission is to heal and empower youth through incredible outdoor sports & comradery, we have also realized a critical need to provide emotional and occasional financial assistance to our members throughout their medical journey. For example, during extended hospital stays, HWH assists with lodging, parking, and hot meals.
Some of the HWH’s young people will encounter extended hospital stays during their medical journey. When waiting for a heart to become available for transplant or immediately following a procedure, our youth may be hospitalized for weeks or even months at a time. A small percentage of Hunt with Heart’s budget is dedicated underwriting hotels when other housing options for families have been exhausted.
Healthy home-cooked food is often a challenge for families experiencing lengthy hospital stays. Parents receive care packages and gift cards to Medical Center restaurants. Our Hunt with Heart Women’s Group also brings home cooked meals and care packages to families
A resounding request from families staying in the Texas Medical Center has been for assistance with parking. At up to $13/day, fees add up quickly during extended hospital stays. Some parents shuttle or walk over a mile from remote parking lots to visit their sick child. One of Hunt with Heart’s most valued gifts to parents is parking tokens